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February, 14, 2017

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Primary Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains more specifically what information "Note Everything" application collect about you and why, what we may do with that information and how we handle your Content. 

1. What information do we collect? 

We collect certain information you provide to us when using "Note Everything", such as when you send us an email or post information on our fanpage (Facebook), the information includes:
- “Personal Information”is the information that you provide to us that personally identifies you, such as your name, phone number or email address. "Note Everything" does not collect or require users to provide Personal Information.
- “Non-Personal Information”is the information that cannot be directly associated with a specific person or entity. Non-Personal Information includes but is not limited to your device’s configuration, the package ID and version of "Note Everything" that you use. 

2. Information Collection and Use 

We use the information collected through "Note Everything" for the purposes described below: 

- When you send us mail, comment on fanpage(facebook). We will use them to improve features and performance of application & & responce to you.
- To monitor and analyze usage and trends, and to personalize and improve "Note Everything" and your experiences when you use "Note Everything".
- "Note Everything" uses smartphone features as Camera/Phone/Record/Photo/MicroPhone. They are used to note into local with purpose yourself. We don't use them for other purpose, they are used into "Note Everything" application only but you installed. 

3、What information do we share with third parties? 

We will not share the personal information we have collected from you. We are not responsible for the actions of service providers or other third parties, nor are we responsible for any additional information you provide directly to any third parties. 

4. Links to other sites. 

"Note Everything" may contain links to other sites. Any information you provide on those sites is provided directly to the owner of that site and is subject to that party's privacy policy. Our privacy policy does not apply to such sites, and we are not responsible for the content or privacy and security practices and policies of those sites. 

5. Changes 

Any information but we collected from you. If there is any changes, we will update on this site or "Note Everything" application or send you mail. If you have any issues about our primary prolicy, please feedback us by 

Email : noteeverything.me@gmail.com 

We will review carefully and update them as soon as possible if they is effective to our primary policy.